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Have an unfair advantage in acquiring off-market and undervalued properties in Teneriffe

Tenerife offers a unique living experience, catering to both its historical foundations in industry and its bright future as an emerging suburb. From quaint cafés to bustling bars and organic food stores, this suburb has become appealing to young professionals and families alike.

At Pinnacle Buyers Agents, getting your hands on a great property in Teneriffe doesn’t have to take forever. Our experienced team of Buyer’s Agents in Brisbane specialise in sourcing, negotiating and purchasing properties that are off-market or undervalued. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your property search is made easier, faster and more efficient.

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Why Teneriffe?

As one of the most sought-after and upscale neighbourhoods in Brisbane, Teneriffe is situated just four kilometres away from the city centre. The suburb offers convenient access to various transportation services—Ferry, Train, Bus and bike paths that lead directly into Brisbane CBD — making it a desirable area for locals as well as visitors alike. Home to approximately 256 houses and 2,075 units plus an impressive median house price of $2 million set back in 2017, Teneriffe has rightfully earned its place among premier suburbs within Australia's third largest city.

Teneriffe demographics profile

Situated next to the Brisbane River, Teneriffe has become a highly-sought after suburb for young professionals, given its close proximity to city amenities. With an average age of 37 and a high annual salary of over $90,000 per household as of 2021, residents of the area are able to reap the rewards of their education and hard-earned money while enjoying one of Brisbane’s most desirable suburbs. From 5-star restaurants to luxurious riverboat rides, there is much to explore in Teneriffe if you’re in the mood for some recreation.

Lifestyle in Teneriffe

The tightly-knit Teneriffe community encourages a more socially conscious lifestyle, prioritizing fresh local produce, sustainable living and pioneering indie start-ups. The area's steady rise in popularity has resulted in some of Brisbane’s most diverse culinary experiences and stylish boutiques opening doors here, satisfying even the most refined taste buds.

Additionally, Teneriffe offers alfresco dining with spectacular waterfront views of the Brisbane River, entertaining its visitors with live music and scenic strolls down charming cobblestone sidewalks. All this contributes to making this neighbourhood one of the best places to stay in town for those looking for an exciting adventure worthy of exploration or for those simply seeking a home away from home.

Education & schools in the Teneriffe area

Strategically located, Teneriffe is a mere 10-15 minute drive from the Royal Brisbane Hospital in Herston and QUT University within the CBD. Its government school catchment zones are New Farm State Primary School and - for those looking to ensure their children receive an excellent education - Kelvin Grove State High School.

Purchase the right property at the right price with the most respected buyer's agency in Teneriffe 

At Pinnacle, we take pride in our ability to spot potential properties that could become some of your most profitable investments for years or even decades! We do this by leveraging an extensive network of off market properties in Brisbane and carrying out thorough due diligence. This gives us the edge over others when it comes to identifying these “X-Factor” assets. As early bird investors or home buyers, you can benefit from being one step ahead before the market starts picking up speed.

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Why choose Pinnacle as your Teneriffe Buyer's Agent?

Always put YOU first

At Pinnacle Buyers Agents, we put your needs first - 24/7. We take the time to comprehend what you're searching for and accompany you on every step of purchasing your property without any stress or burden. You can always count on us to have your best interests in mind.

Build a genuine long-term partnership

To create a true, long-term alliance with you that transcends simply acquiring the right property, we would love to learn more about who you are and what aspirations drive your objectives. Let's work together like a family!

Get you the best price

With our expert negotiation skills and comprehensive knowledge of the real estate market, we guarantee you the best possible price for any property purchase. Our flat fee structure ensures that your investment is in safe hands and eliminates any doubts or fears associated with a % fee structure typically charged by agents. We always prioritise your interests above all else.

Give you access to off-market & undervalued property

With our established network of industry professionals, we're able to find exclusive properties before they even hit the market. This means you get a competitive price on an amazing property - one that nobody else has had access to yet.

You're in good hands

Our commitment is to you, not just profit. Every effort we make is with the intention of helping you accomplish your dreams and create a positive impact on your life. We care deeply about our work which can be seen in how passionately we help clients reach their desired outcomes.

What you can expect from us?

A specific and tailored investment strategy, based on our experience, to achieve your goals.

We guarantee to develop an investment strategy tailored specifically for you that will generate the highest return on your investment, be it capital appreciation or positive cash flow.

An investment property that meets our strict criteria and is aligned with your requirements.

With our expertise in the property market, you can rest assured that we've got your best interests at heart. We will never suggest any house or apartment to you unless it meets all of your criteria - even if we ourselves wouldn't buy a place like this! This means that whichever property you choose with us is guaranteed to provide incredible value for money.

Review of the building and pest inspection report with our recommendation.

Together, let's review the pest and structure inspection, so you comprehend precisely what it entails. Plus, we will provide a knowledgeable opinion on your property's capacity for investment success.

Analyse and evaluate the returns of each property we send you based on our 17+ years of experience.

With our expertise as a buyers agent, we can swiftly detect the great value for money and only select high-quality properties that will exceed market performance.

Half-yearly portfolio and strategy reviews.

To guarantee that you attain your intended objectives, we will evaluate and reassess your portfolio and strategy every six months. That way, any adjustments necessary to get you closer to realizing your dreams can be quickly made.

Support along the way. Feel free to call any time of the day or night!

We understand that it's not always easy to make decisions about investments. That's why we strive to offer you secure advice and assistance throughout the entire process. We're here for you every step of the way and want you to feel comfortable with your purchase—so please don't be afraid to call us.

An experienced and trusted team of professionals is in place and ready to go, enabling a smooth and stress-free process.

We have the team and resources in place to handle any task from start to finish. We are powered by extensive experience that has been built up over the years and a support system that is second to none. From finding the perfect home to negotiating deals – our reliable and knowledgeable team of professionals have your back.

We help you achieve the lowest price possible by negotiating on your behalf.

Our team of experienced professionals leverages data analysis and sharp negotiation skills to ensure you get the best price on your property. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we strive to make sure you always come out ahead in any deal.

A hassle-free and hands-off service – we manage the entire process for you.

Pinnacle stands beside you throughout the real estate buying process, from locating a property to negotiating its cost and doing due diligence. We make sure that your journey is as effortless as it can be.

Our Success Stories

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Our Process.

Strategy Session – "let's clarify what you desire"

Let's kickstart your journey to owning a property by having an obligation-free and non-pressured consultation with one of our skilled buyer's agents. We'll get acquainted with you, discover what you'd like to achieve in terms of the property, respond to any questions you have, offer advice on how to reach those goals, and eventually determine a plan that will make all this happen.

Search & Locate – "we'll locate the perfect property for you"

Having established an understanding of your wants and needs, we can get started on the hunt for the perfect property. We will employ a creative approach to our search in order to locate those properties that may have been overlooked by others while additionally deploying our extensive network of industry contacts to give you an upper hand when it comes time to make offers.

Network – "you'll have a superior competitive advantage"

As your exclusive buyer’s representative, we provide you with an advantage in the market that others lack. Our access to a vast network of real estate professionals - including real estate agents, developers, and private sellers - enables us to uncover properties not available on the open market. This saves you time, money and stress by providing opportunities for deals before anyone else even knows about them.

Evaluation & Due Diligence – "we perform the tedious work"

We are dedicated to finding the perfect property for you and making sure that all of your needs are met. To guarantee this, we will complete our thorough due diligence process and provide a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report so you can see how it compares with similar properties in the area. Moreover, we'll link you up with experienced solicitors/conveyancers and pest & build inspectors - ensuring maximum satisfaction.

Price – "we'll get the finest offer available for you"

Our mission is to ensure you get the best deal possible, and that's what we strive for. With our expertise in negotiations, we guarantee satisfaction every time. We have a long history of helping our clients save thousands of dollars through successful negotiation strategies - proven multiple times over.

Settlement – "every detail will be handled by us"

Until you become the proud owner of your new home or investment property, we'll be present every step of the way during the purchasing process. We guarantee a thorough review and pre-settlement inspection to make sure that everything meets your highest expectations.

For property investors, we go the extra mile by recommending only the most qualified and seasoned property managers to ensure that your investment is carefully taken care of.

6-month review – "you'll have our assistance throughout the journey"

Even after six months have passed, we will remain committed to you and your investment. We'll be in contact to ensure that things are going smoothly, and let us know if there's anything else we can do for you. Don't hesitate to give us a call with any questions or concerns.

Our Strategy.

The exact strategy will differ from individual to individual - depending on a variety of factors. However, here are some of the most common elements we look at.

1. Research suburbs with high growth potential

During our comprehensive strategy session, we will explain in-depth how we use a variety of key metrics to evaluate over 15,000 possible suburbs throughout Australia that would be the best investment targets.

2. Look for high-yield property

For those seeking financial success, a positive cashflow strategy is the method of choice for Australia's most prosperous investors. Unlike negative geared strategies, which are commonly suggested by property advisors to the general public, this approach yields far greater returns when your rental income surpasses expenses like mortgage payments and outgoings.

3. Buy under-market value

If you want to accelerate your real estate career, this is the ultimate secret. With each purchase below market value, not only do you increase your equity position instantly, but you also acquire instant equity that can be used for your next property purchases. Buying under market price will enable a faster expansion of your property portfolio than ever before.

4. Buy off-market by leveraging our existing relationships

We thrive off of creating opportunities for our clients that aren't available to the public. We leverage our relationships with agents, developers, wholesalers and private sellers, which allows us access to off-market properties, providing you a better deal without any competition.

5. Renovate (advanced strategy - optional)

If you so choose, we can incorporate renovations into your strategy. However, if not, then it is our job to find properties that require minimal money spent on them - thus preserving both time and stress! But should you select the renovation route instead; rest assured knowing that we will provide advisement as to what upgrades are needed while also establishing a budget tailored for maximum return when all of the renovating costs have been taken into consideration.

Our Director Michael Lezaja has crafted a strategy to improve the value of properties and increase rental revenue. This can only be achieved when careful planning and an allocated budget are implemented for a renovation project. To attain maximum worth from your home, it's important that you plan ahead and stick to what's been set aside financially.

6. Add value through development (advanced strategy - optional)

Subdividing, developing, or even something as straightforward as building a two-three car shed can all contribute to adding value. This not only raises the rental prices and overall property worth but also adds more charm while minimizing vacancy rates.

7. Repeat and scale

To ensure your success, we will double down on the tactics which yield positive results. Your investment portfolio is built upon our trusted processes, and with a proven record of accomplishment under our belts, you'll be reaching your goals in no time.

Local Experts on the Teneriffe Property Market

Our expertise in the Teneriffe and wider Brisbane property markets is unparalleled. Allow us to do all of the legwork so you can make informed decisions with confidence. We will provide you with every bit of data that is necessary for making a well-thought-out choice.

From inner-city apartment complexes to waterfront mansions, we take pride in advising clients on the best investments for their portfolios. If you need help deciding whether the Teneriffe market is right for you, we’d be more than happy to provide a comprehensive look into the current property landscape.

Additionally, our highly-skilled group of property managers have the know-how to manage and maintain your investment after it is purchased. With years in the real estate industry, they understand precisely how to optimize profitability with minimal effort.

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Ready to make a move in the Teneriffe property market? Here at Pinnacle Buyers Agents, we are dedicated to helping our clients reach their real estate goals. Let us guide you through the buying process from start to finish – we guarantee a smooth and successful outcome.

Book an obligation-free consultation today to learn more about how we can help you acquire profitable properties in the Teneriffe area. We ensure you’ll receive the most experienced and knowledgeable buyer’s advice in town.

Get in Touch Today

Ready to make a move in the Teneriffe property market? Here at Pinnacle Buyers Agents, we are dedicated to helping our clients reach their real estate goals. Let us guide you through the buying process from start to finish – we guarantee a smooth and successful outcome.

Book an obligation-free consultation today to learn more about how we can help you acquire profitable properties in the Teneriffe area. We ensure you’ll receive the most experienced and knowledgeable buyer’s advice in town.